North Pond Conservation Group 


(formed 2010)


1. NAME:

North Pond Conservation Group (NPCG) formed to function as a community association.

2. AIMS: 

The overall aim of the NPCG is to achieve the long term restoration and conservation of the Bishops Waltham North Pond. These aims will include:

  1. Initial restoration, improvement and ongoing maintenance of the pond
  2. Enhancement of the conservation area for plants and wildlife
  3. Enhancement of the visual amenity for the benefit of the Parish
  4. Involvement of local people and organisations in the restoration and conservation
  5. To collaborate with the management of the South Pond

3. COMMITTEE: The Committee will act as an executive group for achieving the above aims. The committee will include:

    - Chairman
    - Vice-Chairman
    - Treasurer
    - Business Secretary

    - Minutes & Membership Secretary
    - Conservation Advisor
    - Work Party Co-ordinator
    - One representative from each land owner (e.g. Dukes, Winchester CC)
    - Wildlife Trust representative
    - Parish Council representative
    - South Pond Liaison
    - General committee member(s)

Roles may be combined, if agreed by the committee, provided the individual has sufficient time to execute both roles effectively. Committee meetings will be held at least quarterly. A quorum of at least five members of the committee is required for decision making.

Day-to-day management of the NPCG will be conducted by a subgroup of the committee, working on behalf of the full committee. Major decisions need to be brought to the full committee for approval. Day-to-day management decisions which have been taken will need to be brought to the next full committee meeting for ratification.

4. AGM: This will be held by the end of November, the exact date at the committee's discretion.


This is open to all individuals and to companies who have an interest in the conservation of the North Pond. All members will have a single vote at an AGM or EGM. The Chairman will have a casting vote should there be a hung decision. Members who have not taken part in NPCG activities or meetings for two years will be assumed to have lapsed their membership.


There are no plans for annual subscriptions, but donations may be sought e.g to cover administration costs. An annual report will be produced for the AGM.


This will be called by the Chairman on request of a majority of the committee or a fifth of the general membership.


At least one public meeting will be held each year to update the general public on the activities and progress made by the NPCG towards meeting its aims. This will form part of the AGM.


Amendments to the constitution may be made by majority vote at the AGM or General meeting called for the purpose.


The NPCG may be dissolved following a Special General Meeting if two thirds of those present vote in favour. Any assets (or their value) will be transferred to a conservation organisation with similar aims to those of the NPCG, as decided at the SGM.


If a member is found to be acting against the aims and working practices of the NPCG, they may be expelled by a majority decision of the committee. The individual will have the opportunity to put their point of view to the committee.

Constitution to be reviewed annually.