Close news article

BW Parish Magazine - December 2010


Its been great fun to be involved in the work parties organised by the North Pond Group to bring OUR POND back to something like its former glory.

From the bridge the views both north and south now do OUR POND justice, its fantastic. Most of the work has been carried out by a group of hard working and dedicated volunteers of all ages and all areas of the Town, there has been laughter, giggles and even much debate about things happening in the Town! Strange how in a different environment people express their views more openly. One Saturday we even had a local resident turn out with tea and a homemade cake for all, TWICE, thank you very much.

The bridge has been a fantastic spectator platform for watchers to enjoy banter with the volunteers a lot of ribbing has taken place, but the result has been even more volunteers!

It was strange to hear that one of a group of school children returning over the pond decided that throwing the poster into the pond which explained what we were trying to achieve was such a good idea. Well done; you did yourself and your friends proud, I THINK NOT!

The work carried out has resulted in an increase in security as we have managed to clear areas around the lights on the bridge, and also a reduction in the number of dangerous over-hanging branches.

Thanks should go to the owners of all the different bits of the Pond for allowing this remedial work to progress, without their permission we would have ended up with a willow choked area of damp woodland, not the glorious area we have before us. Alan Inder, Martin Livermore, Barry Jerome (the human chainsaw) and of course osh kosh Eric have done fantastic work in bringing all of this together, the volunteers are too numerous to mention but they should all experience a feeling of pride every time they cross the bridge.

Now to the sadder bits, the litter in the pond is getting no better, during this last job we collected at least 2 bags of litter, thats with the pond empty, soon it fills up with water, it may already have done, and the litter picking service will be gone for another year. Also the phantom doggy pooper is regularly leaving its little presents on the bridge for those crossing to stand in, please doggy owner bag it and take it to one of the bins at either end of the pond, or at the very least kick it in the water for the fish to eat!

Thanks again to the people who care about Bishops Waltham for all their help with the pond, it has been a pleasure working with you all and I look forward to next year when we will be hopefully able to carry the good work forward. As an afterthought, and they are dangerous, are there any other projects that self help could carry forward, there must be other groups that could form for litter picking, weed clearing, hedge trimming, sign cleaning, just a dangerous thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Mclean