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BW Parish Magazine - November 2010


If you are interested in the North Pond and its future, come along to a public meeting in the Jubilee Hall, on Wednesday 17th November, starting at 7.30pm. Admission is free.

Speakers from the Environment Agency and Portsmouth Water will explain why the Pond dries out every summer and what effects the abstraction of water for the public water supply might have. They will also talk about the engineering options for trying to retain water in the Pond that have been investigated, and what the conclusions are.

Speakers from the North Pond Working Group will talk about the North Pond Restoration Plan that they have drawn up, and the progress that has been made to implement it. Proposals for transforming the Group into a kind of community association, which will give better opportunities for getting involved if you want to, will be presented and discussed.

Alan Inder, Chairman, North Pond Working Group