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BW Parish Magazine - February 2011


At the very successful and well attended public meeting that was held in the Jubilee Hall on 17th November, the concept of forming the North Pond Conservation Group (NPCG) was aired and well received, especially as it will help to obtain grants for restoring the Pond.

The inaugural meeting of the Group was held on 10th January, and its constitution and composition were agreed - it will be based on the Working Group that has operated for the past two years but expanded to include representatives of the two main landowners (Dukes Holdings and Winchester City Council) and the local Hampshire Wildlife Trust group. The NPCG will become affiliated to the BTCV to get cost effective insurance for working party sessions, as well as advice on conservation management, getting grants, etc.

The Group discussed changes to the Restoration Plan that were required since the Plan was originally produced for consultation nearly a year ago. The main changes to the proposals are:

  1. The proposed lagoon (to assist with the rescue of fish) is to be moved to the area immediately north of the sluice between the North and South Ponds;
  2. Material from excavating the lagoon is to be used to extend the banks of the Pond in two areas: (1) immediately west of the sluice, to form a second viewing area; and (2) immediately west of the Esso Garage so that, with planting of native species, the car wash and tall conifers will be screened from view.
  3. A leaflet is to be produced as soon as possible to explain the history and importance of the Pond, the fact that it will always be a seasonal Pond, and the proposals for restoration.

An outline plan of action for 2011 was agreed. Broadly, the year will be divided into three:

If everything goes according to plan most of the restoration work would be completed by the end of 2011. However, this is very dependent on obtaining contributions from the main landowners and grants from other bodies.

It is intended that the working party sessions will resume in February, working in the wooded fringe to start to create the viewing area by the layby in Corhampton Road, and to clear some areas for new planting of native shrubs and trees.

We want to hold another public meeting in the next few weeks. We also plan to hold a Ponds Event, probably on a Saturday in June. This will feature guided walks, some events for children, and some display and sales stands. The dates and other information for both the public meeting and Ponds Event will be announced in the next issue of the Parish News.

Alan Inder

Chairman, North Pond Conservation Group