Thursday 14th October - North Pond Tree Work - Environment Agency (EA) Funding

The tree work using the £3000 funding from EA Fisheries is nearing completion. The contractors, Top Trees, had a bigger team on the job than originally planned and got through the work more quickly. Two of the team will be working on site tomorrow morning tidying up and making sure there are no loose logs, etc which would float when the water comes back up.

They have done a fantastic job. Some "before" and "after" photos can be seen here EA funded tree work. Dan Groom, the owner of Top Trees, lives nearby and has a local interest. As the work went well, they did more for the money than originally agreed.

There has been lots of positive local interest and I have put up a couple of Information Boards  so that people passing know what is happening.

The work has really opened up this area of the North Pond and should make access for fish rescue much easier, as well as opening up views for the public. Now that the area is clear it is easier to see where a lagoon could go (if we are able to secure grants to dig it).

Some small areas of reed mace have been uncovered and with more light and space there is a good chance that they may now be able to re-colonise part of this area. This should provide improved habitat for amphibians, fish, birds and mammals.