Thursday 4th November - Work Parties Temporarily on Hold

Following an on-site review today, work parties are temporarily on hold while we work out the next steps in the implementation of the North Pond renovation plan.

Far more has been achieved, since the work parties started at the end of August, than we had thought was possible. This has been achieved through the many enthusiastic volunteers at the Saturday morning work parties.

Thank you to everyone who has helped!!

We now need to assess the next areas to work on and also ensure that any remaining materials (logs and debris) are secured so that they do not cause a flood hazard when the water rises. There are some good signs of returning water as there is now over a foot of water in the channel where the stream enters the northern end of the North pond.

We need to keep a balance between the cleared areas and the areas of cover for wildlife (birds and mammals). The next area to work on may well be the proposed viewing area next to the lay-by. Additional permissions will be required before this can be started, but it has the advantage that work can continue after the water has risen.