Tuesday 8th February - Parish Council awards grant of £500 towards start-up costs

Barry & Eric represented the BWNPCG at the Parish Council meeting presenting the monthly progress report and requested a grant toward the BWNPCG's start-up costs. The start-up costs are currently being met by the core committee members. Major costs have included joining the BTCV and getting insurance cover, on top of the general admin. costs. Costs will also be incurred in getting surveys conducted in preparation for major grant applications eg, a Leader grant, to carry out major renovation and conservation work which is beyond what can be achieved by volunteers. After much discussion, a 1-off grant of £500 was agreed. Other organisations and companies will be approached to ask for support for this important part of Bishops Waltham life.

The report included:
- Allocation of tasks to BWNPCG committee following the inaugural 10th Jan meeting
- BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers) community network memberships applied for, and welcome package received
- Insurance cover, arranged via the BTCV, is now in place
- Detailed plans are being drawn up for this years activities
- Dukes arranged for unsafe trees to be cut down and cleared
- The sluice is being monitored for debris and is being cleared when necessary