Saturday 5th March - Depth Gauge installed and sluice cleared

Newly installed depth gauge

A depth gauge was installed this morning near the sluice on the Winchester Road. It was kindly donated by the EA (Environment Agency) and will allow passers-by to see what the water depth is near the sluice. It was a cold morning (1°C above freezing) and the water was too deep for wellies. However, with the use of a log, Eric & Barry managed to screw it in place. The current water level is about 60cm depth and Eric will be monitoring it regularly. Compared to two weeks ago the flow of water through the pond is slight and information from the EA shows that the flow in the stream entering the N Pond has slowed considerably. Although there have been some heavy rain showers, the winter has been relatively dry and this could signal that the North Pond will dry up earlier than usual this year.