Sunday 8th May - Water levels and attempted fish rescue

Until mid-April the water level near the sluice measured 60cm on the depth gauge. The North Pond water level is now dropping rapidly following weeks with no rain (one of the driest March and April periods on record). When the photo was taken the reading was only 18cm and this was largely due to water flowing back from the South Pond.

Depth Gauge

The Parish Fishing Club have had three unsuccessful fish rescue attempts to date but there is still too much water (about 30cm (12") depth over a large area) so the fish are very elusive.

Large Eel A large Eel near the sluice

About sixty carp have been seen near the footbridge, a shoal of roach in the middle and many large and small eels.

When the stream stopped flowing, the water in the South Pond started to flow back into the North Pond through the sluice boards, which are not totally sealed. Fish initially collected here but soon disappeared when we arrived with nets. We are keeping a close eye on water levels and Fishing Club members are waiting for a phone call to summon them to a rescue attempt as soon as conditions are right. EA (Environment Agency) Fisheries are aware of the situation and monitoring it.