Wednesday 14th September - Work Party start date revised to 24th September 2011

Work parties will restart on Saturday 24th September, a week later than originally planned. The reason for the change is that there are too few volunteers available for 17th Sept and the latest weather forecast indicates there will be rain and bad weather on Saturday 17th.

This will be a morning work party starting at 10am for 2-2.5 hours. Meet at 10am at the footbridge.

As many volunteers as possible are needed. If you can attend then please call David Mclean who organises the work parties (see 'contacts' on home page), or just turn up on the day.

Work parties will then take place every Saturday after this. This should give several months of working before the water returns. Some concern has been expressed about standing water in places in the pond. This will be assessed on 17th and information used to ensure any health & safety issues are addressed. It is suspected this is run-off following recent heavy rain, and not ground water. If it is run-off then this should soak away.

The work required has been assessed and prioritised and detailed work plans are being put together. The priorities are:

  - Clear the undergrowth north of the footbridge in the channel and up to the fences of the houses
    on St. Bonnet Drive

  - Dig a pilot hole in the silt at the end of the pond near the sluice to gather information for the
    proposal to remove silt from this end of the pond

  - Trim the trees to open up the viewing area from the lay-by so that views are possible to the
    Palace ruins


The overgrown channel

Overgrown channel