Saturday 24th September - Successful first work party of the North Pond Autumn 2011 programme

Saturday 24th September saw the first work party of the Autumn 2011 programme. The task was to start clearing the main channel which runs through the pond behind the gardens in St. Bonnet Drive. It looked rather daunting to start (see "before" photo) but once the band of volunteers got stuck in rapid progress was made. In a couple of hours an approximately 45m section of the channel was cleared.

Unfortunately we did not have David Mclean's bonfire making skills available as he was called away for work. This will be remedied at next weeks work party when we will burn the pile of debris. The plan for next week is to continue down the channel towards the footbridge and, in further work parties, beyond that to the sluice.


Before the work party

Overgrown channel

After the work party

Overgrown channel