Monday 10th January - First meeting held of the BW North Pond Conservation Group

At the public meeting on 17th November 2010 it was agreed to form a Bishops Waltham North Pond Conservation Group (BWNPCG) to carry on the work of the North Pond Working Group and to act as a single body which formally represents all parties which have an interest in the North Pond. A meeting was held on 10th January 2011 to agree the constitution, to set up a committee and to agree work activities for 2011.

A two-page constitution was agreed, which will be reviewed annually  

The Committee was set up with the following members:
Post/role Person
Chairman Alan Inder
Vice Chairman Eric Birbeck
Treasurer John Moore
Business Secretary Barry Jerome
Minutes & Membership Secretary Not yet filled
Conservation Advisor Rod Pointer
Work Party Co-ordinator David McLean
Dukes Holdings Ltd (landowner) Georgina Harvey or Jenny Edwards
Winchester City Council
Damian Offer
Parish Council Martin Livermore
Hampshire Wildlife Trust Jane Gentry
Liaison with South Pond Roland Palmer
General committee members Pat Lambert, Bob Pearson, Terry Wilson

Tasks were allocated and these will be further refined within the overall plan for 2011. The focus is on the first three months (Jan/Feb/Mar) to prepare documents, designs and reports to be able to apply for grants to carry out the major tasks in the plan i.e. those activities which cannot be achieved with just volunteers on work parties.

Further actions which were agreed were to:

 - Join the BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers) and to apply for insurance through the BTCV negotiated scheme with Zurich Insurance

 - Set up a "Ponds Event" in June

 - To update the North Pond plan with the experience and further information gained during activities in 2010

Day-to-day activities will be managed by the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Business Secretary, involving other appropriate Committee members according to the task in hand. The next committee meeting will be on 21st March 2011 in the Jubilee Hall.