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We would like to thank the following organisations, companies and individuals for their contributions. Support has been in the form of funding for specific activities, contributions in kind and donations

Amey LG link Amey LG  

Amey LG will be providing nearly £5,000 worth of support for the North Pond restoration from their Bishops Waltham depot, through their Community Support programme. Two activities are planned for August 2012: arboriculture support and path construction.

Environment Agency logo Environment Agency (EA) Fisheries 

EA Fisheries provided funding of £3000 to remove the tangled mass of dead and dying trees in the area of the pond, north of the sluice. This opened up the area so that it was easier to conduct the annual fish rescue. It also let in much needed light so that the native flora could regrow, providing more habitats for the local wildlife and increasing biodiversity. The EA has also provided advice and guidance on environmental matters and land drainage issues. They also regularly attend our twice-yearly public meetings to answer questions from the general public

More Information:

 Photos: photo icon   EA bulletin 15 Nov 2010:   "EA funding gives Bishops Waltham pond a makeover"

BWPC link Bishops Waltham Parish Council 

The Parish Council initiated the Market Town study which identified the North Pond as the No.1 environmental concern for local people. Funding of £500 was provided in 2010 which contributed to setting up the BWNPCG (Bishops Waltham North Pond Conservation Group) to carry out the Restoration Plan. Further funding of £1000 was approved in 2011 to assist with the actions in the work plan, including the distribution of the Information Leaflet. A bench seat has been donated for the Sluice Viewing area

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 Background: photo icon   

 James Duke & Son Ltd. 

We have a lease on that part of the North Pond which is owned by James Duke & Son Ltd. This was arranged with Georgina Harvey and all legal fees involved in setting up the lease were paid for us. James Duke & Son Ltd have signed a 'Letter of Intent' to provide supportive funding for the pond restoration and they have already paid for a tree surgeon to cut down trees on the Corehampton side of the pond which we identified were in danger of blowing down in a strong wind. Further funding was provided to pay for scaled plans to be prepared for submission with the Planning Application to extract silt to form an area of permanent water.

Winchester CC link Winchester City Council 

Winchester City Council have signed a 'Letter of Intent' to provide supportive funding for the North Pond restoration. They are already paying contractors to eliminate the patches of Japanese Knotweed along the Corehampton Road. They have also indicated they will pay for tree surgeon work for some items in the plan such as: crown lifting, removing leaning trees near the footbridge and lay-by and removing trees within the pond area which are beyond the capabilities of volunteers. It may also be possible to arrange a lease for that area of the North Pond owned by Winchester CC.

Budgens link Noel Kavanagh - BW Budgens 

A donation of £1,500 towards the All Year Water project and involvement of BW Store staff in further fund raising

Hampshire CC link Hampshire County Council 

Hampshire County Council have provided funding for a picnic table and a seat for use by the general public. HCC own the bank area near the lay-by and initiated the community volunteer day carried out by Amey, who are their Highways contractor. Conservation advice is provided by the HCC Countryside Service. Negotiations are underway to transfer the lay-by area to WCC prior to arranging a lease for that area of the N.Pond.

Portsmouth Water logo Portsmouth Water Company  

Portsmouth Water have printed our initial Information Leaflet for publicising the N Pond Restoration Plan. 3000 copies have been produced for distribution to every household in Bishops Waltham. They are also working with us to design and print an Information Board insert, and provide two rugged Information Boards for installation at the pond. Portsmouth Water also regularly attend our twice-yearly public meetings to answer questions from the general public.

More Information:

 Information Leaflet: leaflet icon 

people logo Individual Donations  

Individual donations are now over £900. In particular there was a contribution of £500 from one person who wishes to remain anonymous and collections from the Public Meetings of around £400. There have also been smaller individual donations.

Another very valuable individual donation comes from the hours donated by our work party volunteers and members of the committee. Already, about 725 hours have been donated in the Autumn/Winter 2011/12 work parties, which restarted at the end of September. Costed at £5/hour (approx minimum wage) it would amount to £3,625. If we had to buy in contract time it would cost far more, possibly around £17,500. This is in addition to approximately 500 hours which had been donated by volunteers during the first six months after BWNPCG was formed.

Gardening Club logo Bishops Waltham Gardening Club  

The Bishops Waltham Gardening Club have kindly donated a bench seat which is in the Lay-by Viewing Area. The seat is in memory of two past members of the Gardening Club.

Rotary Club logo Bishops Waltham Rotary Club  

The Bishops Waltham Rotary Club have kindly donated £300 towards the North Pond restoration.

HIOW Masons logo Bishops Waltham Freemasons  

The Bishops Waltham Lodge of the Freemasons have kindly donated £200 towards the North Pond restoration

BTCV logo British Trust for Conservation Volunteers 

The North Pond Conservation Group affiliated to the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) at the end of 2010. The Trust can donate a "Chestnut Fund" to help new organisations get started and we received a "Chestnut Fund" of £150. We were also able to arrange liability insurance through a special scheme that the BTCV has arranged with a major insurance company.

BT Community Champions Awards logo BT Community Champions Award  BT logo

Martin Livermore received a BT Community Champions Award of £100 from BT on behalf of the North Pond Conservation Group.

Elliotts logo Elliotts Builders Merchants 

Elliotts at Bishops Waltham have very kindly supplied us with building materials (scalpings, cement, sand, etc) for the base of the seat near the sluice

Chamberlains logo Chamberlains Solicitors - Bishops Waltham  

Colin Chamberlain donated time and expertise by reviewing some legal paperwork for us. Hannah Chamberlain helped us register our renewal option on the lease with the Land Registry.

St Peters logo St Peters Ladies Group  

The St Peters Ladies Group have kindly donated £50 towards the North Pond restoration.

 Bishops Waltham Gallery  

Bishops Waltham Gallery have kindly donated £50 towards the North Pond restoration.

Rushby Brewster logo Rushby Brewster  

Rushby Brewster have kindly donated £50 towards the North Pond restoration.