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The Plan

This outline map indicates what is planned in the report. As work progresses some modifications are likely based on gathered experience.

Lay-by Viewing Area
Work was carried out in Autumn 2012 to create a public viewing area by the Corhampton lay-by.
Details of the work are described in the project document => Constitution

This involved removing scrub and fallen trees, crown lifting healthy trees, removing excess ivy, treatment of Japanese Knotweed, construction of a path and installation of a picnic table and bench seat. This was achieved with a great deal of help from Amey Ltd who provided two teams on Community support days - a tree team and a construction team. The value of the work contributed was around £5,500 in labour and materials. Further work has been carried out by our own volunteers and Hampshire CC provided grants to purchase the picnic table and other items. The BW Gardening Club have provided a bench seat in memory of two members. Further daffodils were planted and other planting is planned => Constitution. Portsmouth Water are sponsoring an Information Board.

Silt Removal and Sluice Viewing area
Details of the proposed silt excavation and viewing area creation are given in the Proposal document => Constitution

Work is in progress to fund silt removal and construct a public viewing area. Some funds are already available, further funds are being sought. A SITA grant application was submitted on 15th April 2013 as part of this fund raising.


Grants/Funding are being applied for

Some funding has already been received.
It was given by the Environment Agency (EA) Fisheries Division Environment Agency logo to make fish rescue easier when the pond dries up. In 2009 large numbers of fish died as many could not be reached in time, owing to the difficult access. The funding, as a partnership agreement between the EA and BWNPWG, was also provided to open up views of the pond for the public and to enhance the environment for fish, birds, amphibians and other wildlife.

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Further grants are being applied for:
    - the current application is for a SITA grant for silt removal and
      construction of a viewing area near the Winchester Road sluice.


Work parties are organised and run with volunteers.

Work Parties are run most Saturday mornings during the autumn and winter. They start at 10am for 2 to 2.5 hours involving many volunteers from the local community. Further information is available under Link to Work Parties 


Background to the Restoration Plan

The North Pond was identified as a number one concern for local people when the Parish Council conducted the Market Town Health Check

As a result the Parish Council instigated a working group "The Bishops Waltham North Pond Working Group" (BWNPWG) to investigate what could be done and to produce a report. Alan Inder was appointed Chairman of this working group.


In March 2010, the draft report was published

It received endorsement from the Parish Council to be taken forward for consultation with the owners of the North Pond and relevant agencies. The owners of the pond are Dukes Holdings Ltd, Winchester City Council and Hampshire County Council. The relevant agencies consulted were Portsmouth Water Co., Environment Agency, and Hampshire Wildlife Trust. All responded positively, with support for taking the plan forward.


The BWNPCG was established in November 2010

Following this consultation, the BWNPWG worked hard to see how the plans could be implemented through a combination of volunteers and grant aid. A conclusion reached from the ongoing work was that an organisation needed to be set up which represented all interested parties. This proposition was taken to a public meeting in November 2010 and the Bishops Waltham North Pond Conservation Group (BWNPCG)Constitution was created. The BWNPCG will continue and extend the work done to date by the Working Group and will be in a much better position to secure larger grant funding.